Unveiling our Brand Evolution

Perfect Day
3 min readJan 27, 2022

If you follow us, you may have noticed our new look (check out our new website!). There are many reasons to evolve our brand — but why now? Over the past year, we’ve grown and changed. We’ve added foods which spark nostalgia and joy, including cream cheese, and cake mix; as well as ones with the function and nutrition to fuel busy days, including barista milk and protein powder. You can now find us on grocery store shelves and in food service locations across three countries. We studied the environmental impact of our protein and quantified just how much greener our planet will be if we succeed in our mission. We’ve expanded our business model to extend that impact. And we wanted our brand to communicate where we are, our deep passion for a delicious future for all of us on this planet, and where we want to take our mission from here.

Small Changes can Change Everything

Our evolved brand was created to visually capture our perspective on the new category we’re creating while incorporating the learnings we’ve gathered along the way from our partners and customers. As the needs of our food system change, we believe that people are at the heart of the solution. Perfect Day is what happens when the best of nature meets the best of human ingenuity — not to exploit, but to explore. To create something entirely new. We believe in a world where people don’t try to control nature’s systems, but to learn from them. Our fermentation methods already exist in nature. We’re connecting with what nature has designed for us, for a kinder, greener future.

We believe that humans can do the right thing, and even the best thing. When we take nature’s creativity and add the human ingenuity of our entire team, from our lab techs to our leaders, amazing things happen.

The Visual Identity

Inspired by our own name and the idea of a “new dawn,” our brand aims to capture the power, freshness, and inspiration of a new day to position Perfect Day as a force for change in the world. Visually, this is brought to life across our brand world, from the colors we use, to the font, to a new brand mark, which we call, our halo. This halo represents sunrise, a new day, and inspiration. It’s an enlightening force that creates a soft, warm and energizing feeling.

We’re a part of an ecosystem of partners who all share this vision for a beautiful future. We’re working together to create a new kind of product, a new kind of market, a new kind of world. Soon, our brand will begin to appear on the packages of products which are made better with Perfect Day. When you see this logo on ice cream, cream cheese, protein powder, cake mix, or many more products to come, you can know you’re making a delicious investment in our shared future, for generations to come.



Perfect Day

A kinder tomorrow starts with a new way today. We’re rethinking everything. Starting with food.